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Going Green Together

ORG Custom ClosetsIn every product and decision we make, ORG recognizes an opportunity and responsibility to improve the sustainability of our company, our community and the world we share. Some call it the triple bottom line. We call it good business.

It’s that simple.
We know that what fills your home matters to you… that’s why we offer ORG EcoElements.This collection of environmentally friendly ORG components gives you the choice between:

  • Standard Panels that are 100% recycled material
  • Plus Panels that are 100% recycled material and have no urea formaldehyde added

Both panels are certified by Scientific Certification Systems, a leading environmental certifying agency in North America. Our panels have also achieved Environmentally Preferred Product Certification. EcoElements also includes several ORG accessories that are powder-coated-a low impact manufacturing process that is better for the environment than more common alternatives.

With EcoElements you can make earth-friendly choices for your home and your family. We believe that the most important things in life deserve the greatest attention-our community, our environment, your home.Therefore, at ORG, we strive to:

  • Strengthen our community through being active in it.
  • Protect our environment by seeking creative ways of reducing impact.
  • Simplify life with organizational solutions that enhance homeowners’ peace of mind.

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