Cabinet Accessories



It’s easy to make every kitchen and bathroom cabinet your own. Our wide selection of kitchen and bathroom cabinet accessories, moldings, hardware and organization solutions let you personalize-inside and out.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen cabinet accessories are a great way to make your kitchen experience more enjoyable by bringing a sense of organization to the most used room in the house. Cabinet accessories are designed to increase storage capability and keep everything organized. By simply installing the right interiors and shelving accessories, your kitchen will start to work with you during the preparation for large parties or even small meal making.

It’s best to put some planning time aside before or during the installation of your kitchen. Consider how you most frequently use your kitchen and what accessories could be added to make that experience run more smoothly. Think about storage needs and how you could benefit from the growing number of shelve and drawer options. In addition, add to your blueprint what you plan to store in each of these storage units.

The kitchen is responsible for storing a number of things which include plates, pots and pans, glasses, spices, snacks, wine bottles, and cleaning supplies. Let us not forget about all the appliances. Keep in mind; many appliances are now available with pull out drawer units as well.

Options For Cabinet Storage Solutions

• Shelves
• Rollout (sliding) shelves
• Lazy Susan shelving
• Foldout banks of shelves
• Open shelving for decorative or commonly used items
• Diagonal wall cabinet with rotary shelves
• SWing out shelves
• Corner wall cabinet with open shelving
• Tambour Appliance Garages & Shelves

Baskets and Bins

• Pullout hampers (wire, cloth and plastic)
• Under-the-sink pullout wire baskets
• Pullout trash and recycling bins (with or without lids)
• Baskets with removable caddy baskets
• Trash receptacles under butcher blocks with cutout holes
• Grain storage bins

Drawer Accessories

• Cutlery compartments
• Double level trays
• Sink tip-out trays
• Spice drawers
• Drawer organizer

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